January 29, 2019

Banking Related Committee

Some important banking committee-(1)Vaghul Committee: Mutual fund scheme.
(2) Abid Hussain Committee: Development of Capital Markets.
(3) Wanchoo Committee: Direct Taxes.(4) Bhagwati Committee: Unemployment.
(5)  Bhagwati Committee: Public Welfare .
(6) Thingalaya Committee: Restructuring of Regional Rural Bank .
 (7) C Shah Committee: Non Banking Financial Company .
(8) Tandon Committee: working capital Term Loan .
 (9) Tandon Committee: Industrial Sickness .
(10) B Sivraman Committee: Institutional Credit for Agricultural and Rural.
(11)  SS Tarapor Committee: Capital Account Convertibility .
(12)  C Rao Committee: Agricultural Policy.
 (13) Shome Committee: General Anti Avoidant Rule (GAAR). 
(14) Chatalier Committee: Finance to small scale Industry . 
(15)  RK Hajare Committee: Differential Interest Sector .
(16) Cook Committee (under Basel Committee): Capital Adequacy of banks.(17) Rajamannar Committee: changes in banking laws, bouncing of cheques etc. (18) Rajamannar Committee: Center-State fiscal relationships.
(19)Dharia Committee: Public Distribution System.
(20) Raja Chelliah Committee: Tax Reforms.
(21)  DR Gadgil Committee: Agricultural Finance .
(22)  Gadgil Committee (1969): Lead banking system.
(23)  P Selvam Committee: Non Performing Assets of Banks. 
(24) Dutta Committee: Industrial Licencing.
(25)  Narsimaham Committee: Financial system (reduction CRR and SLR) .
 (26) Goporia Committee: Customer service in banks .
(27) M V Nair Committee: Priority sector Lending.
(28) Hathi Committee: soiled banknotes. (29) Mrs. KS Shere Committee: electronic fund transfer.
 (30)  Hazari Committee (1967): Industrial Policy. 
(31)  ML Dantwala Committee: Regional Rural Banks.
(32) Khanna Committee: non performing assets.
(33) Mahalnobis Committee: income distribution. 
(34) Marathe Committee: Licencing of New Banks . 
(35) LK Jha Committee: Indirect Taxes .

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