Country and their Currency

Some important Country and Currency-
United State America-Dollar. 
 Hong Kong-Dollar .
 Canada- Dollar .
France- Euro.
 Lithuania- Euro.
 Netherlands- Euro. 
Portugal- Euro . 
Vatican- Euro. 
Zimbabwe-Dollar . 
Argentina- Peso. 
Chile- Peso. 
Cuba- Peso .
 Mexico- Peso.
Philippines- Peso . 
Egypt- Pound.
 Syria- Pound.
United Kingdom- Pound. 
Denmark- Krone.
Norway- Krone.
 India- Rupee. 
Nepal- Rupee. 
Pakistan- Rupee. 
Sri Lanka- Rupee. 
Afghanistan- Afghan. 
China- Rimindbi,Yuan.
 International Monetary Fund-   Special Drawing Rights. 
 Japan- Yen.
 Malaysia- Ringgit.
 North Korea- Won. 
South Korea- Won.
Brazil- Real . 
Iran- Real.
 Thailand- Baht. 
United Arab Emirates- Dirham. Saudi Arabia- Riyal. 
Qutar- Riyal. 
Indonesia- Rupiah.
Maldives- Rufiyaa.
 Russia- Ruble.
 South Africa- Rand 
Switzerland- Franc.
Turkey- Lira.
 Austria- Euro . 
Bhutan- Ngultrum . 
Bangladesh- Taka .  
Iraq- Dinar . 
 Ukraine- Hryvnia.                                

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