February 07, 2019

Abbreviation and Acronyms related to computer

some important computer related abbreviations and acronyms.                            

SEO:Search Engine Optimization 

PDF:Portable Document Format . 

CCTV:Closed Circuit Television.   

GPRS:General Packet Radio Service.  

HDTV:High Definition Television. 

LTE:Long Term Evolution . 

DNS:Domain Name System. 

VOIP:Voice Over Internet Protocol. 

HTTPS:Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.                              

MPEG:Motion Picture Expert Group.   

JPEG:Joint Photographic Expert Group.                                       

UNIVAC: Universal Automatic Computer.                  

EDVAC:Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer.                

ENIAC: Electronic Numeric Integrator and Computer.  

EDSAC:Electronic Delayed Storage Automatic Computer.                

BASIC: Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.  

NT(windows): New Technology.   

Wi-Fi: Wireless Fidelity.         

FXP:File Exchange Protocol.


ERP:Error Recovery Procedure. 

MAC:Media Access Control.  

MVS:Multiple Virtual Storage.  

TTS:Text to Speech.    

SQL:Structural Quarry Language.

GMS:Global Service for Mobiles. 

POST:Power on Self Test.  

BIOS:Basic Input Output System.  

WIMAX:Worldwide Interoperability on Microwave Access.  

MODEM:Modulator and Demodulator.   
ISDN:Integrated Services Digital Network.                                

WAIS:Wide Area Information Service.                                     
ZIF:Zero Information Format.  

PCMCIA:Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.                 
ERP:Enterprise Resource Planning 

CAD:Computer Added Design. 

DTML:Document Template Markup Language.                    

API:Application Program Interface. 

CSS:Cascading Style Sheet. 

WLAL:Wireless Local Area Network. 

BBS:Bullion Board System. 

MBR:Master Boot Record. 

ARP:Address Resolution Protocol. 

VGA:Video Graphics Array.  

CGA:Color Graphics Array.                   

EGA:Enhanced Graphics Array. 

SXGA:Super Extended Graphics Array.                            
QXGA:Quantum Extended Graphics Array.                                            

DBMS: Database Management System.                          
FAQ:Frequently Asked Question.  

UPS:Uninterrupted Power Supply 

USP:Universal Surge Projector. 

DOS:Disk Operating System. 

USB:Universal Serial Bus . 

NIXI:National Internet Exchange of India .                                    

ISP:Internet Service Provider 

TDSAT:Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal. 

TRAI:Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.                                

TDMA:Time Division Multiple Access.                        
FDMA:Frequency Division Multiple Access.                                

HSUPA:High Speed Uplink Packet Access.                                    

FED:Field Emission Display.    

OLED:Organic Light Emiting Diode. 

VPN:Virtual Private Network. 

VSAT:Very Small Aperture Terminal. 

ADSL:Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.                                    

ISA:Industry Standard Architecture 

MMC:Microsoft Management Control 

PDE:Primary Domain Controller.   

BDC:Backup Domain Controller.

CISC:Calculated Instructions Set Chip.                                
RISC:Reduced Instructions Set Chip 

WYSIWYG: What you see Is What you Get.                                  

MRI:Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  

ECG:Electronic Cardiogram 

SDRAM:Synchrnous Dynamic Random Access Memory.         

DPI:Dot Per Inch.            

CGI:Common Gateway Interface. 

BLOG:Web Log.        

WCDMA:Wireless Code Division Multiple Access.                    


LOGO:Logic Oriented Graphics Oriented.                     

DHTML:Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language.          

PROM:Programmable Read Only Memory.                                

ARPANET: Advanced Research Project Adminstration Network 

RAS:Remote Access Service. 

UTP:Unshielded Twisted Pair 

STP:Shielded Twisted Pair.         

MAN: Metropolitan Area Network. 

AGP:Accelerated Graphics Port. 

PCI:Peripherals Component Interconnect.               

RAID:Redundant Array of Independent Disks.                  

FTP:File Transfer Protocol. 

SMTP:Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 

PSTN:Public Switched Telephone Network.                              

MIDI:Music Instrument Digital Interface.                               

IP:internet Protocol.    

TCP:Transmission Control Protocol.    

CPS:Character Per Second. 

MIPS:Million Instructions Per Second.                               
WWW:Word Wide Web.         

VLSI:Very Large Scale Integration. 

IC:Integrated Circuit.        

VRML:Virtual Reality Markup Language.                          

GIF:Graphics Interchange Format.  

ZIP:Zonal Information Protocol 

JDBC:Java Database Connectivity. 

FORTON:Formula Translation 

COBOL:Common Business Oriented Language.                            

VDU:Visual Display Unit. 

RDBMS:Relational Database Management System.      

DTP:Desktop Publishing.       

EBCDIC: Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code 

ASCII:American Standard Code for Information Interchange 

IDE:Integrated Devices Electronic. 

SCSI:Small Computer System Interface.                            
CRT:Cathode Ray Tube.   

EEPROM:Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory. 

URL:Uniform Resource Locator. 

SNTP:Simple Network Time Protocol.                        
NNTP:Network News Transfer Protocol.                                  
LIFO:Last in First Out.        

LCD:Liquid Crystal Display 

SAN:Storage Area Network 

PAN:Personal Area Network. 

MIMO:Multiple Input Multiple Output. 

NFS:Network file System.       

ICPMP: Internet Control Message Protocol.          

CMOS:Complementary Metal Oxide semiconductor.                      

HDD:Hard Disk Drive.        

DVD:Digital Versatile Disc. 

GIGO:Garbage In Garbage Out. 

URI:Uniform Resource Identifier. 

WAN:Wide Area Network .    

Y2K:Year Two Thousand.            

OCR: Optical character recognition/reader.                   

BCR:Bar Code Reader.    

OMR:Optical Mark Reader/Recognition. 

MICR:Magnetic Ink Character recognition/Reader.               

GOOGLE: Global Organization of Oriented  Group Language of Earth                                     

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