February 28, 2019

About Lan, Man and Wan

Here we explain about Lan,Man and Wan-

Types of Network on the basis of size- On the basis of size network are three types LAN,MAN and WAN . LAN and WAN are original networks while MAN and WLAN gradually emerged over times technology evolution-  LANs-WANs-MANs-WLANs.
 Note- LAN full name local area network, MAN full name Metropolitan area network, WLAN full name wireless local area network.                     
LAN( local area network): This network is generally available for college campus, small town, an office buildings etc. Due to small size network and availability in limited region is called local area network.  

LAN are mainly classified into two types first peer-to-peer network and other is Clint server network

(I)  Peer-to-Peer Network: This network system allows user's to share files or data from one computer to another computer while this does not have any  centralized server or hierarchy among the computers. All computer network themselves  manage securities and administration. 

(II) Client-server Network: Working process of this network is same as peer-to-peer but difference is that there is at least one computer works as a server. The server holds files or data for sharing and generally controls the network. 

MAN(metropolitan area network): This network is useful for wider range such as city, large town etc. Generally where LAN can't rechargeable MAN works there but not all over the world, it is available for larger range than LAN range so it is called metropolitan area network. 

WAN(wide area network): This network covers all over the world that is it covers whole word. This is uses by larger sectors such as banking , industrial, share market etc. Through WAN we can access the informations in seconds.

 WANs types- Public network, Private network, wireless network. 

Public Network: The network which is uses by telecommunication authorities and is available to individual or organization who subscribe it. Example- Integrated service digital networks, Public switched data network, public switched telephone network etc.

 Private Network: In this network owners have full freedom to use the network in any way they want. They can use network to carry large data with high speed transmission. 

Wireless Network: It is most important technology of internet. Using this technology you can use computer resources very easily. Now-a-days many  areas where wireless router or antenna are setup to use or accesse Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as a connector. 

Here we given about advantages and disadvantages of Client-server network which above we discuss in written format -

Advantage- client server is centralized, all component work together, easily accessible for multiple platforms, new technology easily associate with system.
  Disadvantages- maintenance of network is difficult, dependency is low if server goes down then difficult to operate it.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of peer-to-peer network-
 Advantage- Easily setup with operating system that is only need to reconfigured for peer -to- peer operations.
 Disadvantage- whole system is decentralized, no security on client-server. 

WLAN: Wireless local area network, it is wireless technology, it is simple ,cost-effective, easily maintainable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of wireless LAN-  
Advantage- offers maximum fliexibility and mobility, less cost to install and maintain compare to a cable network, cables no uses so users don't need to drill, users from physically attached to a network.          Disadvantage- sometimes difficulties in signal qualities, low coverage area.                                                                                                                                                              

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