February 05, 2019

Computer and its benefits

Computer and its benefits and also its classification-                        

Computer: A computer is an electronic device that convert raw data into useful information with the help of certain instructions.  These instructions are used in the form of program.   That is the set or sequence of instruction is called program .       

Benefits of Computer: There are many benefits of a computer when we use it. Some of them given below-             

   Fast Speed : Due to fast speed computer can perform complex tasks within no time while human takes more time for that particular task.                 

Accuracy : This is depend on input information if we provide correct input then computer can perform tasks accurately.                                  

Diligence: Human lose their concentration on working period but computer have diligence in working. It can work tirelessly for hours together with the same speed and accuracy .         

Versatility: In a particular time computer can perform multiple tasks . one can write an article taking assistance of a computer dictionary and same time can listen online music and also can take printouts of some documents .                    

       Storage : computer can store large amount of data. One can store many books on DVD further the required information can be accessed even after several years with hundred percent completion and accuracy .                                            

    Automation: computer controls automatically different devices attached with the computer. It executes automatically the program instructions one by one.                               

      Reliability: In  modern computers electronic components have very low failure rate . A modern computer can perform complicated calculations without creating any problem and produces reliable results.     When a computer is hundred percent accurate then its reliability is also hundred percent.                       

No Feelings: Computer has no feelings it can judge on the basis of given instruction.                            

Computers are classified mainly four groups which is depend on their data processing speed, amount of data and memory size

(1) Micro Computer:The computer laptop or desktop which have quite low memory size and working capabilities in comparison of other computers is called microcomputer. Examples- Desktop computer, Notebook computer, Tablet PC,Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) etc.                                                                   

    (2) Minicomputer:The computers which are lie between a microcomputer and a mainframe computer is called minicomputer. They have higher memory, higher processing power and higher storage as compared to microcomputer.        

(3)Mainframe computers:These types computer can process several million program instructions per second. Mainframe computer mainly used by banks, airline and railway reservation systems  and insurance companies etc.  

(4)Supercomputer:Supercomputer has largest size of other computers ,most expensive. It processes trillions of instructions in seconds.  Its applications required very large programs and huge amount of data that must be processed quickly . it is used by Governments, industries etc.                                                

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