February 20, 2019

Computer history

History of computer or Development of computer
(1) Abacus: it was the first calculating device that developed about three to four years ago. It is a machanical device. Abacus consists of 8 or 10 horizontal rods attached to a wooden frame. This device can calculate at least 11 digit numbers fast.

 (2) Napier's Bones: In 1617 Jhon Napier developed a calculating device known as Napier's Bones. He used a set of ten rods called bones on which written from 0 to 9 table. 

(3) Slide Rule: it is also developed by John Napier's in 1617  to multiply, Davison, fi nd square root instantly using Logarithm. It is also made by more simple by mathematician viliam Autrad. 

(4) Pascal's Calculator: Developed by Blaze Pascal in 1642  this is also called adding machine.
(5) Mechanical Calculator of Leibnitz: On the basis of improvement in pascal calculator Leibnitz developed a comlex machine Which can add, subtract as well as able to device. This machine was fast calculating machine. 

(6) Difference and analytic engine of Charles Babbage: Charles Babbage is known as father of modern computers, in polynomial function the difference nearly constant so this machine is called difference engine. encouraged by success of difference engine Charles Babbage made another machine in 1871 called analytic engine this have five parts- input, store,mil(for arithmetic operation), control and output.

 (7) Punched Card Machine: Punched card first time made by Joseph marry Jacard in 1801,    Something more-  Napier's Bones related to Scotland,   Vilims Autrat related to Jarmani, Pascal related to France, Leibnitz related to Jarmani, Joseph marry Jacard related to Jarmani, Mark-I computer comes in 1943,  Atana sofe Berry computer comes in 1942,ENIAC comes in 1946, LEO comes in 1951, UNIVAC-I comes in 1951.                                                                           

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