Generations of computer

Generation of computer:Here The generation of computer have been described time Wise with respect to their uses technologies.
  First Generation (1946 to 1955):The first generation of computer was vaccume tubes. One vaccume tube cosume half watt power. Example- ENIAC,EDSAC,EDVAC,UNIVAC-I,UNIVAC-II,IBM-701,IBM-650,Mark-2,Mark-3 etc. 

Second Generation (1955 to 1965): Second generation computer used transistors which were made of semiconductor. Example- IBM-1401,IBM-1602,IBM-7094,CDS-3600, RAC-501,UNIVAC-1107 etc. 

Third Generation (1965 to 1975):Third generation computer used integrated circuits or chips which has hundred of transistors on a single body. Example- IBM-360,IBM-370,ICL-1900,ICL-2900,CDS-3000,CDS-6000,CDS-7000 etc. 

Forth Generation (1975 to 1990):Forth generation computer used micro processor chips that is why it was based on Very Large Scale Integrater. Example- Pantium-I, Pantium-II, Pantium-III,Pantium-IV. 

Fifth Generation (under developing stage, 1990 to till now): Fifth generation computer was based on super large scale integrater . assigned by automatic intelligence.  Full name of ENIAC- electronic numeric integrator and calculator. Full name of EDSAC- electronic delayed storage automatic computer.  Full name of EDVAC- electronic discrete variable automatic computer. Full name of UNIVAC- Universal automatic computer .                      

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