February 13, 2019

Important section of negotiable instrument act

Here we are given about some negotiable instrument act with respect to different section
Section-145: Related to Evidence of Affidavit .                                

Section-144: Code of services of summons.                                   

Section-141:Related to Offences by companies.                                 

Section-128: Payment in due course of crossed cheque.                    

Section-140: Drawer cannot plead that he did not expect the cheque to be dishonoured.                        

Section-124: Related to special crossing.                                     
Section-123: General crossing.      

Section-100: Protest must for foreign instruments.                  

Section-185(2):Protection to paying banker in case of a bearer cheque 

Section-85(A): Protection to Paying banker in case of banks draft 

Section-61: Bill of Exchange presentment for acceptance at acceptor's place.                     

  Section-54: Related to endorsement in Bank.                                        

Section-32: liability of maker of  note and acceptor of a Bill.     

 Section-31: Banker's obligation to pay cheque and compensate drawer for wrongful Dishonour.             

 Section-33: Several drawees of a Bill, not to be considered partners 

Section-30: Liability of the drawer to Pay.                                              

Section-26: Related to Capacity to make instruments defined- according to this section a minor can draw , endorse and deliver and also negotiate a negotiable instrument so as to bind all parties except himself 

Section-20: Related to, Inchoate Stamped Instruments- according to this section holder has implied authority to complete the instrument  

Section-18: This section is related to difference in amount in words and figures, amount in words to be paid.     

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