February 22, 2019

Microsoft-word short key

 Here we given Microsoft words short keys:-
(1)Creating a new document- CTRL + N.
(2) Saving a new document- CTRL+ S 
(3) Closing the active document- CTRL+W  (4) Exist the Microsoft word- ALT+ F4 
(5) Opening an existing document- CTRL+O
(6) To select one character to the right- SHIFT + right arrow
(7) To select one character to left- SHIFT+ left arrow
(8) To select to the beginning of line- SHIFT+ home 
(9)  To select to the end of line- SHIFT+ end (10) To select to the beginning of document- CTRL + SHIFT + home 
(11) To select to the end of the document- CTRL+ SHIFT+ end 
(12) Undo- CTRL+Z 
(13) Redo- CTRL+Y  
(14) Moving text- CTRL+X 
(15) Paste- CTRL+V 
(16) Copying text- CTRL+C 
(17) Applying the bold style- CTRL+B 
(18) Applying the italic style- CTRL+I  
(19) Underlying text- CTRL+U 
(20) To align text left margin- CTRL+L  
(21) To align text in center that is  within your left and right margin- CTRL+ E 
(22) To align text in right margin- CTRL+R (23) Align text to both the left and right margin, adding extra space between the words that is Justify- CTRL+ J 
(24) Entering text into table- CTRL+ tab (25) Webpages and hyperlink- CTRL+K. (26) Printing of document- CTRL+ P 
(27) Open the window in the preference of Font- CTRL+ D 
(28) To change Font- CTRL+SHIFT+ F 
(29) To help- F1 
(30) Spellings check- F7 
(31) To insert current time- SHIFT+ALT+T (32) To insert current date- SHIFT+ALT+D (33) Case Change (upper,lower,title, sentence, toggle)- Shift+F3 
(34) Paste- Shift+insert 
(35) Single line spacing- CTRL+1 
(36) Select word- double click. 
(37) Select line or paragraph- Triple click. (38) Save- Shift+ F12 
(39) Save as- F12 
(40) Find and replace- F5                                                                                                 

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