February 15, 2019

Some internet services and their terminology,

 internet services- (1)World wide web (www): The word wide web is simply known as web. It is a set of program to allow a user to access web pages (the vast network of hypertext transfer protocol servers (web servers) that store documents called web pages.) governed by the protocol where you access or create your web sites (the documents which contain combination of computer data, including text,graphics, sounds,video ,multimedia and interactive content that runs while the user is interacting with the page is called websites or websites are the files created and displayed on web and access through hyperlinks supported by hypertext transfer protocol).      
(2) Domain Name: it is a set of value used to provide symbolic identity to the website address like Yahoo. Com,Google. Com etc.        
 (3) Web address: it is a unique name followed by domain name is used to access a certain website to provide related information.          
(4) Protocol: Protocol are set of program to communicate.     

(5) Newsgroups: Newsgroups are the discussion forums that provide the services to exchange messages on the internet about a particular subject.      
 (6) FTP(file transfer protocol): it is way to transfer files to others through internet. The files stored on a particular type of servers called file transfer protocol server. The browsers can be used to transfer file FTP servers to client computer but it is a slow process to transfer files.          
(7) Talenet: Talenet is an internet service that is used to login and run programs on a remote server on the internet. Through this service, you can also access information on the internet. The talenet provides you a prompt on your screen and you can access the host computer by giving instructions through this prompt.      
(8)  E-commerce:  Electronic Commerce is a very important service provided by the internet through which financial transactions are carried out over the internet. It is modern way of electronic trade. Example- online banking, online shopping, online advertising etc.      
  (9) Gopher: it is an internet services that organizes resources into multilevel menus to make finding information easier on the internet.    

    (10)  E-mail:Sending messages electronically from one computer to another computer, generally through a telephone line and modem connected to a computer is called electronic mail.   It is the most popular service provided by internet by which we can electronically send and receive massages anywhere in the world. You can also send pictures, documents, audio and video files through e-mail by attaching the file with the e-mail.       
(11) Chatting: Internet also provides the facility to internet user to talk with people online all over the world. The chat room allows the users to participate in a chat on the internet. A chat room is the area on the world wide web where you talk with people online. 

Here we are given important terms associated with the design and structure of the Internet- (1) Home Page: The site which is the starting point on world wide web for a particular organization or group is called home page.                  
(2) Download: Copy a file from one computer to another computer . Internet user's point of view downward means download a file is to request it from another computer and to receive it.      

(3) Emoticons: Little smiley faces , people used to indicate emotions in chat box or in e-mail massages is called emoticons.           
 (4)Bookmark: A link that you saved so that you can easily click on it rather than having to retype the address when you visit again on the site. 

(5) Hyperlink: An easy way for retrieving information by choosing highlighted icons or words on the screen of computer is called hyperlink.   

(6) HTTP: Full name hypertext transfer protocol, it is used by world wide web servers to provide rules for move images, text ,video, sound and other multimedia files access the internet. 

(7) Internet Service Provider (ISP): A Company that offers to the users to use internet.

 (8) Search Engine: A tools that performs keywords searches for information on the internet.

(9) Web Browser: it is a software program that allow to find ,see and hear material on the world wide web including text, sound, graphics and video.
(10)  POP: Standard way to download and upload e-mails is called post office protocol (POP). 

(11) Modem: A  device that connect your computer through the phone lines to another computer or modem. Full name is modulator and demodulator. 

(12) Netiquette: Rules for interacting courteously with others online. OR it is set of rules for behaving online. Full name is internet etiquette.

 (13) ARPANET: Full name Advanced Research Project Agency Network. Computer network mainly developed for military purposes, by United State Defense Department. ARPANET went into service in 1969  when it connected four Universities and research laboratories. 
(14) Archie(archive): The searching tools on the internet.               

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