February 25, 2019

Types of OSI Layers model or Types of Communication in a protocol.

Types of OSI model-
 (1) Application Layer: (i) Gives detail  real work which is done in application.   (ii) implements operation of file system.                                             
  (2) Presentation Layer : (i)Gives detail information  how floating-point number can be exchange between host with different formats.    (ii) Gives detail how syntax of data is transferred.                                        

 (3) Session Layer: (i) Gives detail the Organization of data sequences larger than the packets manage by lower layers.  (ii) Gives detail how request and reply packets are paired in a remote procedure call.                               
    (4) Transport Layer: (i) Tells about the quality and nature of a data delivery.    (ii) Tells about how retransmissions will be used to ensure data delivery. 

(5) Network Layer: (i) Gives detail how a series of exchanges over various data links can deliver data between any two nodes in a network. (ii) Defines the routing and addressing structure of the internet.  
   (6) Data Link Layer: (i) Gives detail the logical organization of data bits transmitted on a particular medium.  (ii) Defines the addressing , framing and check summing of Ethernet packets.                                            
   (7) Physical Layer: (i ) Defines  the size of Ethernet coaxial cable , the type of BNC(Bayonet Neill-Concelman) connector used and the termination method.   (ii) Gives information of physical properties of the various communication media, the electronic properties and interpretation of the exchange signals.                                              

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