March 08, 2019

Bank , head quarter with establishment date and year and also their taglines or slogans,

Bank,head quarter and establishment date- 

Here we given some important banks and their head quarter- 

United Commercial bank- 6 January 1943- Kolkata.         

Oriental Bank of Commerce- 19 fabuary 1943-New Delhi.          

  Indian Bank-5 March 1907- Chennai.                              
 Corporation Bank- 5 March 1906-Mangalore.                                   

Punjab National Bank-12 April 1895- New Delhi.                                      

Dena Bank- 26 May 1938 - Mumbai. 

Punjab and Sindh Bank- 24 June 1908- New Delhi.                            

Bank of Baroda- 20 July 1908-Broda.                                           
 Union Bank -11 November 1919- Mumbai.                                       
Andrea Bank- 20  November 1923- Hyderabad.                                   

Indian Overseas Bank- 10 Fabuary 1937- Channai.                                

Bank of India- 7 September 1906- Mumbai.                                      

Central Bank of India-21 December 1911- Mumbai.                            
 Bank of Maharashtra-16 September 1935- Pune.                              
 Bhartya Manila Bank- 19 November 2013- New Delhi.                     

Allahabad Bank- 24 April 1865- Kolkata.                                     

 Reserve Bank of India - 1 April 1935- Mumbai.

State Bank of India- 1 July 1955- Mumbai.                             
Vijaya Bank- 23 October 1931- Bangalore.                                         

Bank and Head Office. 

(1) State bank of India: Mumbai.        

(2) Allahabad Bank: Kolkata.           

 (3) State bank of Hyderabad: Hyderabad.                                         

(4) Bank of Baroda: Baroda.             

 (5 ) Bank of India: Mumbai.           

   (6) Union Bank of India: Mumbai.     

(7) Central Bank of India: Mumbai.

(8)  Industrial Development Bank of India: Mumbai.                                   

 (9) Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India: Mumbai.       

(10) Dena Bank: Mumbai.               

 (11) Indian Bank: Chennai.          

  (12) Indian Overseas Bank: Chennai.                                           
(13) State Bank of Mysore: Bangalore.                                        
(14) Canara Bank: Bangalore.         

(15) Vijaya Bank: Bangalore.       

 (16) * Corporation Bank: Mangalore.

(17) * Sindicate Bank: Manipal. 

  (18) United Commercial Bank: Kolkata.                                            

 (19) * United Bank of India: Kolkata . 

(20) Andhra Bank: Hyderabad.     

(21) Punjab national Bank: New Delhi.                                               

  (22) Oriental Bank of Commerce: New Delhi.                                     

  (23) Punjab and Sindh Bank: New Delhi.                                               

 (24) Bank of Maharashtra: Pune.

(25) State Bank of Patiala: Patiala. 

(26) State Bank of Jaipur and Bikaner: Jaipur.                              

(27) State Bank of Travancore: Trivendram.                                

  Banks and their taglines or slogans or punchlines

Syndicate Bank: Your Faithful and Friendly Financial Partner.                                      
 Federal Bank: Your Perfect Banking Partner.                                      

 Punjab National Bank: The Name You can Bank upon.                    

United Bank of India: The bank That begins with U.                           

Lakshmi Vilas Bank: The Changing Face of Prosperity.                

 Deutsche Bank: A passion to perform.                                       

Vijaya Bank: A friend you can bank upon.                                               

Bank of Baroda: India's International Bank.                                      

 Allahabad Bank: Tradition of Trust. 

Andhra Bank: Friendly, Intelligent, Responsive.                                 

Indian Overseas Bank: Good People to Grow with.                                

 Dena Bank: Trusted Family Bank. 

State Bank of India: with you all the way.                                                

Union Bank of India: Good People of Bank with.                                     

 Indian Bank: Taking Banking Technology to Common Man. 

Canara Bank: We are changing for you.                                       

Corporation Bank: Prosperity to all. 

Yes Bank: Experience our Expertise. 

Punjab and Sindh Bank: where service is a way of life.             

Central Bank of India: central to you since 1911.                                

Oriental Bank of Commerce: where Every individual is committed.    

Bank of India: Relationship Beyond Banking.                                          

Bank of Maharashtra: One Family, One Bank.                                      

  UCO Bank: Honours your Trust. 

South Indian Bank: Experience Next Generation Banking.                       

    J and K Bank:Serving to Empower. 

Bank of Rajasthan: Together we Prosper.                                

   Industrial Development Bank of India: Banking for  All.            

Housing Development Finance 

Corporation Bank: We Understand your World.                            

Industrial Credit and Investment 

Corporation of India Bank:Hum Hai Na.                                                 

 State Bank of India: {Pure Banking Nothing Else, The banker to every Indian, With you all the way, The nation banks on us}.     

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