March 06, 2019

What is CSS class,CSS class syntax

What is CSS class: CSS class is very useful for developers to give multiple looks an HTML with CSS, if generally CSS not able to change Font size,colour then you can use different classes called CSS class. Using classes is simple, you just need to add an extension to be the typical CSS code make sure you specify this extension in your HTML.  CSS class syntax: you can create CSS class using dot (.) Followed by class name ,after the class name enter the properties, values that you want to show  your class. class-name { property:value; }      if you want to show same class for multiple elements with different style then you use perfix the dot (.) with HTML element name.  HTML I elements name.class-name { property: value;}.   Types of CSS Class:- On the basis of CSS positioning CSS are three types- (i) Relative Positioning, (ii) Absolute Positioning and (iii) Fixed Positioning. 

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