What is css, CSS syntax, what is inline CSS HTML, what is external CSS, what is CSS class,CSS class syntax,

What is CSS: full name of CSS in cascading style sheets, using CSS you can control the layout of web pages,when you maintaining a large site CSS save your lots of time,  web developers  use CSS instead of html on the recommendation of W3C ( world wide web consortium.                
 Advantages of CSS: pages load faster,saves time, multiple device compatibility, compatible with future browsers.                                           

CSS syntax: the set of rule that tell the browser how to render an element called CSS syntax , CSS syntax is two types   selector and  a declaration .

 selector : selector represents the HTML element to be affected by the rule.          

Dicliaration: it represents the effect to be applied to the elements, contains property values.               

 Syntax: selector { property: value} 

Types of CSS : CSS are four types  inline CSS,embedded CSS,external CSS,and imported CSS.              More  information about CSS please click here                

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