December 28, 2019

Upsciaspcs preparation website's , application's and channel.

Why UPSC Examination is difficult for Hindi medium students?                   Reason(1) :  Now UPSC is based on analytical , current issues based  as will as problematic, Questions before year 2011  is asked mostly are direct and static based questions. Now the questions asking pattern is changed, prilims and mains questions static and direct questions are less in comparison with current issues based and indirect based questions.  Before 2011 UPSC has two optional (1200 marks) but now UPSC has includes  one optional (500 marks)                                          Reason(2): other reason is CSAT paper of prelims , CSAT includes generally Mathematics, Reasoning and Comprehension , comprehension part is also difficult to understand for Hindi medium students because it was asked in the format single passage single question and questions asked in indirect format that means, sense and logic based questions asked.                            Reason(3): next reason is users are not friendly in Hindi on Google and Google is not friendly for Hindi medium students in comparison with English medium students. Lack of  awareness of Hindi medium website's , apps, and channels for UPSC oriented, other things is to read unnecessary content,  lack of consistency , lack of revision of content, environmental affect of study room.           
Here we have provided some important websites and apps for Hindi medium students as will as English medium students who are Aspirants of UPSC IAS PCS Exam Preparation-   For Hindi medium students - Note: all the site and apps includes ( all English news and editorial analysis in Hindi, all importent government sites news like PIB, PRS,RSTV,Yojana, Kurukshetra etc.). 

Site/application Number. one this website and app is bilingual Hindi as will as English, for app click here.  Website and app                               
  Number. two this website is bilingual Hindi as will as English provides previous years solved paper in English, daily prelims and mains based current issues writing practice.    
 Number. three this website is bilingual Hindi as will as English.  Site/application          
  Number. four this website is bilingual Hindi as will as English medium provide daily audio video and current issues based notes.   Site / application              
   Number. five this website is also bilingual.   Site/ application.                                        Number. six provide daily audio video and bilingual content newspaper analysis notes in Hindi.  Website/ application.          
 Number. seven provides Hindi news and editorial as will as English news and editorial at least 10 newspaper.   UPSC Solve paper app one click here  You can visit given websites on clicking highlighted parts.   UPSC prilims solved paper  app in English.                
   English Medium UPSC Related Websites- (1) Career Launcher       (2) Insight India          (3) DritiIAS          (4) DheyayaIAS                       
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