January 22, 2020

What is cookie?

What is Cookies? A cookie, also known as HTTP cookie, is a small piece of data sent by a website and stored by your browser on your computer when you are browsing.Cookies are used by websites to remember whether you are logged in or not and to store the items you left in the shopping bag for you to view later. They can also be used to analyse your browsing activity and provide you recommendations based on the same the next time you visit the site. Cookies are also what enable websites to store your card data to facilitate easy payments.While you can delete or decide whether or not to enable cookies on a website, cookies are essential functions of the web that facilitate a seamless browsing experience.

January 19, 2020

Important channel and apps for bank exam preparation,

Important apps and websites for Bank exam Preparation:- Go these Chanels and apps check which is best for you stay that channel and apps save your time.  The bank exam became more practice based time bound ( In  preliminary exam math 35  Questions 20 minutes, Reasoning 35 Questions 20 minutes, English Language 30 Questions 20 minutes)  Practice all subjects with touch every topic, solve previous years solved paper for more confident, solve simple questions with more speed because if you not solve simple questions with speed then you can't score well in time bound situation ie  in 20 minutes in each subject,For English language read more as possible as you can.  

Online Resources- Important channels- WiFi Study app,channel. Current Affair funda, Bankersadda or adda24,Textbook. Com,ibpsguide.com,Mahendraguru, Career Power, Study Smart,Study virus,Infinitesimal, Bankers point, Amar Sir(Math) Roshan Mishra (Math) Dd academy (Math), Om Jaiswal on unacdemy app,Ankush Lamba or Banking chronicle channel(reasioning), Presto acadmy (English), Sanctum (english), DSL Dhrmandra sir (english), Neon Classes( English), MB Book Tutorial (english), Neetu Singh(english), English by Aman vasist Sir,DrAshok englishpatana, Lern English with Zita,Sk classes(english),English advantage,English by ashish Sir, SREEDHAR's College for Competitive,Banking Pathshla,Banking Basta,Banking guru,Banking guruji,Banking iq,Bankers Arena,Bank4succes,BeNext banker,Go study,Perfact study,Study icon,Bank4U,ixam Bee,Meritshine,Prep India, Feel free to Learn,Doer Classes,nEe Feeds and More. 
Important applications for bank exam preparation with details please click here

January 18, 2020

pdf for Bank exams and other exams

Quadratic Equation Solved 250 questions with Explanation to Find PDF Click On Image
SBI Po Pre 2016 Solved Paper with Explanation
Wrong Series With Explanation PDF in Mathematics   Series With explanation With Concept    Approximation PDf       # Solve Top Puzzles if any doubt see solving approach by Ankush Lamba on unacadmay.        # SSC Solved Voice and Narration PDF with explanation.        # Solved Idioms and Phrases PDF with explanation for SSC       # Vocab Pro PDF  (14 mb)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      #Complete Maps Revision         #UPSC IAS syllabus PDF in Hindi       #UPPCS Bilingual syllabus PDF            # PHR act 1993 and PoA act 1989 Bilingual PDF        #2nd ARC REPORT in Hindi            #Covid-19 e-book PDF by the Hindu group.       # ART and Culture PDF in Hindi Easily Readable

January 08, 2020

What is browser or web browser?

What is webBrowser?:-A browser, also referred to as a web browser, is a software application that lets you access information on the World Wide Web. It retrieves information from parts of the web and displays it on your screen. To access a website and all the text, images and videos that are present, one needs a web browser. There are several popular web browsers available online for free download. These include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Web Browser.
One of the first graphical browsers that was widely used and popularised the World Wide Web and Internet is the NCSA Mosaic. 

January 07, 2020

Shivalik first UCB to convert into SFB

Shivalik Mercantile Co-operative Bank Limited has become the first urban cooperative bank (UCB) that has been granted 'in-principle' permission to convert into a small finance bank by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
The move comes after the RBI had announced a scheme on voluntary transition of UCB into a SFB on September 27, 2018.
The 'in-principle' approval will be valid for 18 months, within which Shivalik Mercantile Co-operative Bank had to comply with the norms of a SFB. 

Bank Po/Clerk Practice Link OR Resources ( Top resources)

(1) TestZone(SmartKeeda.com) , www. AspirantsZone . (2)Www. AffairscloudZone .  (3)www. bankersaddazone .  (4)www. testbookzone .  (5)www. ...