January 18, 2020

pdf for Bank exams and other exams

Quadratic Equation Solved 250 questions with Explanation to Find PDF Click On Image
SBI Po Pre 2016 Solved Paper with Explanation
Wrong Series With Explanation PDF in Mathematics   Series With explanation With Concept    Approximation PDf       # Solve Top Puzzles if any doubt see solving approach by Ankush Lamba on unacadmay.        # SSC Solved Voice and Narration PDF with explanation.        # Solved Idioms and Phrases PDF with explanation for SSC       # Vocab Pro PDF  (14 mb)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      #Complete Maps Revision         #UPSC IAS syllabus PDF in Hindi       #UPPCS Bilingual syllabus PDF            # PHR act 1993 and PoA act 1989 Bilingual PDF        #2nd ARC REPORT in Hindi            #Covid-19 e-book PDF by the Hindu group.       # ART and Culture PDF in Hindi Easily Readable

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