Reading comprehension in a smart way for bankPO,Junior associates,SSC,UPSC, CTET,GMAT,CAT,MBA,IIHM,GIC,LIC,NDA,NA,

Reading comprehension is the biggest problem in all competitive exams.  First  To increase comprehension skills please develop your reading habits the comprehension skills comes slowly not suddenly it takes times Which is vary person to person. Some person takes minimum times and some take maximum times (3 months or 6 months or one year or two year or 3 year)  Don't use wrote process to remember difficult word only see meaning from google or from dictionary follow this process continue because if you follow these techniques you stuck same difficult words many time. That means your mind automatically remembers.  Second  to solve passages follow these educator (1) smart way technique one  (2) technique two  (3) smart way whole English  (4) smart way all English topics. (5) English by dhramebdra sir   (6) English by vijendra sir (7) English by Aman vasisth sir (8) English by bipin sinha

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