February 29, 2020

Social Networking websites

What is Social Networking ?  Social Networking is a way for one person to meet up with other people on the Net that is not though. Some people use social networking sites for meeting new friends on the Net, other use it to find old friends. Then there are those who use it to find people who have the same interests they have this is called niche networking. When they comes to online social networking websites are commonly used these websites are known as social sites.  Social networking websites function like an online community of internet users. On social networking sites not only will you make new friends but you just might learn a things or about new cultures or new languages. There are a lot of free social networking sites each of these sites needs you to sign yourself to start using it. Example of top networking sites- www.Facebook.com,www.Twitter.com,www.Orkut.com,www.MySpace.com etc.

February 28, 2020

Types of files in a computer

A file has two parts- First is file Name and other is Filed Extension. Name is option and usually given by the user but Extension defines the file types.  Generally files are three types on the basis of Attribute file- (I) Archive file:- comes under reading/writing purpose. (II) Hidden file:- comes under hidden mode without clicking unhide you can not see it. (III) Read only file:- it can not be changed and updated.

February 25, 2020

Basics of Chatting

Chatting: Chatting is a method of talking to someone over a network in a real-time, chatting is different than e-mail in that the messages are being sent at the same time. Chatting is similar to a telephone conversation except it's text over the internet.  When you Chat with someone over a network you type into the computer instead of speaking into the telephone.  

Chatting Software: Chatting software usually splits your scree into two parts first for you and second for whoever you are chatting with.   To begin chat, a chatting software is needed to be downloaded and installed on your personal computer.  These are generically called Messenger service. Example- yahoo ! 

Chatting are three types (I) Text chatting (II) Voice chatting (III) Video chatting.  

There are few things to keep in mind while chatting-    

(I) Don't. use offensive Languages.  

(II) Avoid using all caps When sending a message in a chat room. Since this is considered ' Shouting' and a distraction to other users. 

(III) Avoid responding to another's inappropriate behaviour. This is known as ' flaming' and serves no purpose other than to exacerbate the situation.  

(IV) Guard your privacy and respect the privacy of others.  

(V) Never share personal information about yourself ( such as your real name or address ) or ask for the same from others. 

(VI) Avoid typing Lengthy Conversations.

February 24, 2020

Basics of Internet

Basics of Internet :  The Internet- also known as the Net. It is the world's largest computer Network.   Generally a computer network is a collection of interconnected computers that communicate with each other. It is not just one network. It is a network of networks where all networks freely exchange information.  The networks range from the big corporate networks to small ones used in a home network or a school to laboratory. One most thing about the Internet is that it is most open network in the world.  Millions of computer provide facilities that are available to anyone who has Internet access. Most services are free for the taking you are online. The internet is a network or computes spanning the globe. Internet is popularity known as network of networks.  This communication structure is a system connecting more than sixty million people in different countries around the world. A global web of computers, the Internet allows individuals to communicate with each other often called world wide web, the internet provides an easy and quick exchange of information and is recognized as the control tool in this information age. The Internet links are computer networks all over the world so that users can share resources and communicate with each other. The Internet is a vast interconnection of computer networks that spans the globe. It is comprised of millions of computers that connect and share massive volume of information.

February 18, 2020

The State bank of India and its Subsidiaries

The State Bank of India and its Subsidiaries- 
State Bank of India :- Imperial Bank of India acted as central bank of  our country from held 1921 to 1935. Imperial Bank of India was nationalized and renamed as ' State Bank of India' in 1955. First Chairman was A.D Gorwala.              

state Bank of India has 7 Subsidiaries- state bank of Hyderabad,Indore,Patiala,Mysore,Saurastra,Travancore, state bank of Bikaner and Jaipur These subsidiaries bank formed under subsidiaries bank act 1959.                                    
 Currently total working subsidiaries are five. In 2008 the State bank of Sourashtra merge with State bank of India, In 2010 State bank of Indore also merged with State bank of India.                                                                     
Taglines of SBI are With you all the way, Pure banking nothing else, The bankers to every Indian, The Nation Banks on us. The government of India is the major shareholder of SBI after Reserve Bank of India sold its shares to the government. SBI being the largest bank in the country works through a different administrative structure compared to other nationalized banks because of its size and volume of business. SBI is the largest Commercial bank of India. Head Quarter of SBI is Mumbai.           
SBI has introduced the Tiny-Card with biometric identification to achieve financial Inclusion.  
 SBI launched ' Mobi  Cash Eash' a mobile wallet service that allows users to transfer funds and make bill payment easily using mobile phone, 
SBI has launched 'Yono' Application for Net Banking.     
 SBI has launched first homegrown economic indicator the SBI monthly composite index and the SBI yearly Composite index that will primarily track manufacturing activity and offer a forward-looking economic trends.    
  SBI launches 'mPassbook' facility on its smartphone application anywhere mobile application for its Retail Banking users. 
 SBI has launches 'Islamic equity fund' primarily aimed at the country's 170 million Muslims.   

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