February 25, 2020

Basics of Chatting

Chatting: Chatting is a method of talking to someone over a network in a real-time, chatting is different than e-mail in that the messages are being sent at the same time. Chatting is similar to a telephone conversation except it's text over the internet.  When you Chat with someone over a network you type into the computer instead of speaking into the telephone.  

Chatting Software: Chatting software usually splits your scree into two parts first for you and second for whoever you are chatting with.   To begin chat, a chatting software is needed to be downloaded and installed on your personal computer.  These are generically called Messenger service. Example- yahoo ! 

Chatting are three types (I) Text chatting (II) Voice chatting (III) Video chatting.  

There are few things to keep in mind while chatting-    

(I) Don't. use offensive Languages.  

(II) Avoid using all caps When sending a message in a chat room. Since this is considered ' Shouting' and a distraction to other users. 

(III) Avoid responding to another's inappropriate behaviour. This is known as ' flaming' and serves no purpose other than to exacerbate the situation.  

(IV) Guard your privacy and respect the privacy of others.  

(V) Never share personal information about yourself ( such as your real name or address ) or ask for the same from others. 

(VI) Avoid typing Lengthy Conversations.

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