February 24, 2020

Basics of Internet

Basics of Internet :  The Internet- also known as the Net. It is the world's largest computer Network.   Generally a computer network is a collection of interconnected computers that communicate with each other. It is not just one network. It is a network of networks where all networks freely exchange information.  The networks range from the big corporate networks to small ones used in a home network or a school to laboratory. One most thing about the Internet is that it is most open network in the world.  Millions of computer provide facilities that are available to anyone who has Internet access. Most services are free for the taking you are online. The internet is a network or computes spanning the globe. Internet is popularity known as network of networks.  This communication structure is a system connecting more than sixty million people in different countries around the world. A global web of computers, the Internet allows individuals to communicate with each other often called world wide web, the internet provides an easy and quick exchange of information and is recognized as the control tool in this information age. The Internet links are computer networks all over the world so that users can share resources and communicate with each other. The Internet is a vast interconnection of computer networks that spans the globe. It is comprised of millions of computers that connect and share massive volume of information.

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