March 01, 2020

Computer Fundamentals and Office Tools

Chapter-(1) Introduction to Computers- Introduction, historty of computer- early computer devices(Abacus,Napier's Bones,Pascual Arithmatic Machine,Difference Engine,Analytical Engine). Parts of computer. Benefits of a computer-Accuracy,Fast Speed,Diligence, Versatility, Storage, Automation, Reliability, No Feelings.  Classification of computers- Micro Computer, Mini Computer, Mainframe Computer, Super Computer.    I-P-O Cycle.  Components of a computer. Central processing Units (CPU) - Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU), Control Unit (CU).  Computer Memory- Primary Memory(RAM,ROM), Secondary Memory(Hard Disk,Floppy Disk).  Input Devices- Keyboard, Mouse,Track Ball,Joystick, Scanner. OutPut Devices- Monitor, Printer. Computer Software- System Software, Application Software.  Programming languages- BASIC,FORTRAN, COBOL,PASCAL, C. Application of a computer.  Computer Viruses.                                                  Chapter (2) Operating System-Windows 7- What is OS, Types of OS- GUI Operating system, Multi-user Operating system, Multiprocessing Operating system, Multitasking Operating system, Multithreating Operating system. Introduction to Windows 7. Starting Windows 7.  Working with Start Menu in windows 7. Shutting down the computer in windows 7. Using Windows Explorer- Moving a file or Folder in windows 7,Creating shortcuts in windows 7.  Working with files and Folders in windows 7 - Creating a Folders in windows 7 , Renaming a File or Folder in windows 7, Deleting a File or Folder in windows 7.  Customizing the Desktop- Changing Desktop Background, Changing Screen Resolution, Setting up a Screen Saver.  Customizing Taskbar- Move and Resize the Taskbar, Hiding Taskbar. Control Panel- Switch the Control panel View, Customizing the mouse,Setting the Clock, Installing a Printer.  Concept of Networking.  Working with Multimedia. Maintaining the computer- Disk Cleanup, Checking the Disk for Errors, Defragmenting a Disk. Chapter-(3) MS- Word 2007.  What is Microsoft office 2007?   Microsoft office 2007 Editions. Introduction to word 2007. Starting word 2007.  What's New in Word 2007.  Creating a New Documents in word 2007, Saving a New Documents in word 2007.  Closing a New Documents in word 2007. Exiting word 2007. Opening an Exiting Document in word 2007. Customizing Word 2007. Selecting the text in word 2007- Selecting text using mouse. Selecting text using keyboard.  Undo & Redo in word 2007. Moving text in word 2007. Copying text in word 2007. Formatting Text in word 2007-Applying the Bold Style, Applying the Italic Style, Changing the Font and Font size, Underlying Text. Formatting Paragraphs- adding space before or after Paragraphs, Changing the line spacing , Pratapgarh Alignment ( left,Right, Center, justify).  Tables in word 2007- Entering Text into Table, Inserting Rows or Columns in a Table, Deleting a Row or Columns from a Table, Resizing Rows and Columns, Aligning Text in cell Formatting a Table, Mail merge in word 2007. Proofing the document- Spelling and Grammar Checking, Using AutoCorrect.  Protecting the Documents. Macros in word 2007. Webpage and hyperlinks. Themes- Applying Document theme, Printing of Documents.                                         Chapter-(4) MS-Excel 2007. Introduction to Excel 2007. What's New in Excel 2007.  Opening a New workbook.  Saving the workbook. Entering Data in a Worksheet-Entering Text,Entering Numeric Data, Entering Dates.  Selection Techniques. Editing Cell Data. Copying the Data. Moving the Data. Deleting the Data. Inserting Rows and Columns in MS-Excel 2007-Inserting a Row, Inserting Column.  Working with Worksheets- Inserting a New worksheet, Renaming a Worksheet, Deleting a Worksheet.  Cell References- Relative Reference,Absolute Reference, Mixed Reference.  Using Formulas in Excel 2007. Using Functions in Excel 2007-Mathematical functions, Statistical Functions, Text Functions,Date and Time Functions, Logical Functions. Creating Charts in Excel 2007. Formatting Worksheets-Adjusting Row Height and Column Width,Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns, Adding Borders to a cell or a Range, Aligning Cell Contents, Changing the Appearance of cell Contents, Adding a Background in excel 2007,Using Format Painter,Conditional Formatting of Cells. Sorting of Data. Pivot Table. Printing the Worksheet. Lookup Functions- The lookup function,Hlookup function,Vlookup function. Data Management-Auto Filter. Subtotals.                                      Chapter (5) MS-Powerpoint 2007. Introduction to PowerPoint 2007. Starting PowerPoint. Creating a New Presentation. Saving a Presentation. Adding a New Slide to the Presentation. Different Views in PowerPoint 2007-Normal View, Slide Sorter View, Notes Page View, Slide Show View. Slide Layouts in PowerPoint 2007. Working with Text in PowerPoint 2007-Moving a Text Box in PowerPoint 2007,Resizing a Placeholder, Rotating a Text Box,Filling Colour in a text Box,Changing the Font of Text in PowerPoint 2007. Themes in PowerPoint 2007. Clipart in Presentation. Organization Charts. Slide Show View. Slide Transition. Animating Slides. Master Slides-Formatting a Slide Master,Applying a Slide Master.    Chapter (6) MS-Access 2007-Introduction to Database. Starting Microsoft access 2007. Creating a Database. Understanding Data Types. Creating a Table. Managing a Table- Opeaning a Table, Closing a Table, Renaming a Table, Deleting a Table. Adding records in a Table. Depletion Records. Searching Data using Query. Creating a Form-Using Form Wizard,Creating a Customized Form. Exporting Data to Excel 2007. Designing Reports in Access 2007.                                                                                    

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