March 03, 2020

CTS( cheque truncation system)-2010 STANDARD

CTS (cheque Truncation System)-2010:- On the Recommendations of a Working Group, Reserve Bank of India decided to prescribe certain benchmarks towards achieving standardization of cheques known as 'CTS-2010,STANDARD'      

Specifications of CTS-2010:- 

(I) Watermark: All Cheques shall carry standardized watermark, with words 'Cheque Truncation System-India'. It should be oval in shape and diameter could be 2.6 cm to 3 cms. Each cheque must hold at least one full watermark.                                                                      
(II) Printing of Account Field:- Cheques used in current accounts and corporate customers, should be issued with the account number field pre-printed.              

(III) Paper:- Paper should have protection against alterations by having chemical sensitivity to acids,bleaches,alkalis and solvents giving a visible result after a fraudulent attack. CTS-2010 Paper should not glow under Ultra-Violet light.        

(IV) Prohibiting Alterations or Corrections on Cheques: No Changes or Corrections should be carried out on the cheque truncation system cheques. For any change in the payee's name, courtesy amount or legal amount etc. Fresh cheque forms should be used by customers. This is only for CTS not other cheques. 

(V) VOID PANTOGRAPH:- Pantograph with embedded or hidden copy or VOID features shall be included in the cheques. This feature should be clearly visible in photocopies and scanned colour images as a deterrent against colour photocopy or scanned colour images of cheque.                                                                            (VI) Mandating Background and colours:- Light colours so that Print contrast Ratio or Dynamic Contrast Ratio is more than 60 Percent for ensuring better quality and content of images.                  

(VII) Bank's Logo:- Bank's logo shall be printed in ultra-violet ink in ultra-violet enabled scanners or lamps. It will establish genuineness of a cheque.

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