March 09, 2020

Digital India Project

Tagline of digital India:- Power to Empower.                                                    

Who launched digital India project:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

When launched:- July 1,2015                                                                                 
where launched: Indore district of MP in two villages panchats,    

Objective of digital India:- there are thee objectives of digital India projects- (I) Infrastructure as a utility for every citizen (II) On demand Governance and Services and (III) Digital Empowerment of citizens.      

Total investment in this project:- 4.5 lakh crore.  Initiatives of Digital India:- 

DIGILocker: To minimize the uses of physical documents. Enable sharing of edocuments across agencies whenever required ,                  

eSign:-To eradicate forgery and fraudulent signature,                             

Bharat Net:-  High speed broadband connection for 2.5 lakh Gram panchayats of the country,        

MyGov app:- To encourage citizen engagement in governance,        

Scholarship Portal:- One stop solution for end-to-end  scholarship process,        

E-education:- For high-tech education using technology,             

E-Health:- fast,timely,effective economical healthcare services to all,     

Wi-Fi hotspots:- For  internet access easily BSNL has undertaken large scale deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country,          

Next Generation Network:- BSNL looks to replace 30 years old exchanges that  means effective and easy communication services for all,  

Swach Bharat Mission:- This app would be used by people and government organizations for swach Bharat.

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