March 26, 2020

Five Year Plans

(A) Ist five year plan Main designer-K.N Raj 1951 to 1956 Harrald Domar Model ( based on Agriculture).       

(B)  IInd five year plan-1956-1961Nehru Mahalnobis Model( based on Industrialization).                        

(C) 3rd five year plan- 1961-1966 Gadgil Model( Economy progress). 

(D) 4th five year plan- 1969-1974 (Growth with stability and progress towards self Reliance).                     

(E) 5th five year plan-1974-1978 (based on Removal of Poverty and self Reliance).                                    

(F) 6th five year plan(Rolling plan)-1980-1985 ( more than on purpose).                                            

(G) 7th five year plan- 1985-1990 (more than one purpose)                

 (H) 8th five year plan-1992-1997 Manmohan Model ( based on Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization).                                   

 (I)  9th five year plan-1997-2002 ( Growth with Equity and Distributive Justice).                                      

 (J)10th five year plan- 2002-07(based on mainly agriculture, industries, service sector).              

(K) 11th five year (National Development Council) plan-1907-12 (based on Public Private Partnership ie. PPP model,inclusive growth).   

 (L) 12th five year plan-2012-17(Faster Sustainable and more inclusive Growth).                         

Note: maximum growth becames in 11th five year plan 12th five year plan target growth rate was 8.2% 1966-1969 called plan holiday because during this plan three annual plan made.                         

 Now 15 Years Vision Document: The first 15 year vision document come into effect from the end of 12th five year plan. It will be formulated with center objective of eradication of poverty. These will be framed keeping in mind the country's social goals and the sustainable development agenda. According to NITI Aayog, the issue was discussed at length and a decision was taken at the highest level 15 year Vision Documents divided into two parts.

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