March 04, 2020

Important Days and Dates of the year

Global Family day- January-1,                                                         
Non Resident Indian day- January-9, 

National Youth day -January-12,     

Indian Army day- January-15,    

National Tourism day- January -25.  

Voter's Day- January-25,               

Indian Republic day- January- 26,   

International Customs day- January-26,                                                     
Data Protection day- January- 28,   

Martyr's day- January-30,              

World Leprosy Eradication day- January-30,                             


World Cancer day- February-4,                                     
World Social Justice day- February-20,  

Central Excise day- February-24,     

National Science day- February-28,        


International Women's day- March-8,                                         
World Consumer Rights day- March-15,                                                   
World Disabled day March-15,  

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination- March-21,   

World Forestry day- March-21,      

World Water day- March- 22,         

World Meteorological day- March-23, 

World TB day- March-24,                     


National Maritime Day- April-5. 

International Mine Awareness Day- April-5,                                              

World Health day- April-7,             

World Heritage day- April-18,           

Civil Services day- April-21,            

World Earth day- April-22,                       


International Labour day- May-1,                                                       
World Press Freedom day- May-3,  

World Read Cross day- May-8,     

World Telecommunications day- May-17,                                                    
Anti-Terrorism day- May-21,                    


World Environment day- June-5, 

World day against Child Labour- June-12,                                                   
World Refugee day- June-20,   

International Yoga day- June-21,       


American Independence day- July-4,                                  
International day of Cooperatives- July-7,                                            

World Population day- July-11,  

International Malala day- July-12,        


Hiroshima day- August-6, 

World Senior Citizen's day- August-8, 

International Youth day-August-12,  

World's Indigenous Persons day-August-18,                                 

National Sports day-August-29,            


Teacher's day- September-5,                        

World First Aid Day- September-14,   

Hindi Diwas- September-14,             

World Ozone day- September-16, 

International pease day- September-21,                                                     
World Biosphere day- September-21,   

World Tourism day- September-27,    


International nonviolence day- October-2,                               

World Habitat day- October-3,      

World Teacher's day- October-5, 

Indian Air force day- October-8,    

World Food day- October-16,      

United Nations day- October-24,            


Legal Service day- November-9,                             
Children's Day- November-14,       

World Diabetes day- November-14, 

Universal Children's day- November-20,                                          

World AIDS day- December-1,                     

 International Person with Disabilities day- December-3,                           

Indian Navy day- December-4,     

Armed Forces Flag day- December-7,   

Human Rights day- December-10,  

Vijay Diwas- December-16,      

National good Governance day- December-25

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