March 29, 2020

IP Address?

What is IP Address: Full name of IP address is Internet protocol address, It is an address through which a Computer is identified on a internet/Network.   No two hosts on the Internet can have the same IP address. Each IP address consists of 4 bytes i.e 32 bits defining three fields:- Class,Network ID and Host ID.                                                                                                                              Example of IP Address-  Types of IP Address: On the basis of versions presently IP Address are two type- IPv4 and IPv6 , where v denotes - Version.                                                                                                                                          Important points about IPv4: It is 32 bit (4 bytes) unique address. It has four parts and each part can have values between 0 to 255.                            CLasses of IP Address: IP Address is devided into 5 classes based on the address range. Class A,Class B,Class C , Class D ( reserved for multicasts groups) and Class E ( Reserved for future use or research and development purpose). Important points about IPv6: It is 128-bit address space. It has eight 4 Character. It is hexadecimal. IPv6 also called IPng( Internet protocol next generation). IPv6 is successor of IPv4.

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