March 01, 2020

Mail Merge

What is Mail Merge? Mail Merge combines content from a word document and information from a data source resulting in personalized document for multiple recipients.  Many businesses and other organizations communicate with their customers or members by means of letters, newsletters, and promotional pieces that are sent to everyone on a mailing list. The easiest way to generate a set of documents that are identical except for certain information such as the name, address, and greeting of a letters to use a process called mail merge. If you have a list of potential recipients stored in a consistent format, you can use the mail merge process to easily produce a set or personalized documents and mailing labels.        Mail Merge is the process of talking a single letter, stirring in a list of names and data, and merging everything into a final set of documents, each of which is customized and nearly personal. The mail merge process combines the static information from one document with variable information from another document as given below- Main document:- This is a document, such as letter or e-mail message, that contains the static text that will appear in all the merged documents, plus placeholders called merge fields that tell word where to insert the variable information.      Data source:- This is variable list of information that you wish change letter to letter. This information is merged with the main document to from individual customized letters.

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