March 26, 2020

Most Important points to remember in computer for banking aspirants.

What is Booting: Execution of system is called booting.                      

Types of Booting- Booting are two types- 

(i) Cold booting: To switch on the power button is called cold booting. 
(ii) Warm booting: Restart.    

Hierarchy of booting: cold,power on self test (POST),Basic input output system (BIOS),Operating system loading=Window.                                   

Types of alignment of Tab: Tab alignment are five types 

Zenix,Lynux,Unix,Disk operating system (DOS) are Operating system (OS).

 Number of letter in bar code-10.                                             
Firmware is pre installed program.      

What is POST: To relay on power and check the connectivity of the devices.                                          
What is BIOS: pre written program are called BIOS.                           

UPS(untrupted power supply): for battery backup.               

CMOS(complementary metal oxide semiconductor): To update the system clock.                    

SMPS(Switch mode power supply): To convert Alternating current to Direct current.                            

Cookies: A massage sent by web server to web browser to store user name ID,Password.               

Styllus:To movement on the touch screen,for digital handwritten documents.                                   

Light pen : it is also called Cathode ray tube pen also.                     

Scanner: To convert Hard copy (printed text) into soft copy (e-form).  

Touch screen: input device.  

Touchpad: A sensitive area through which we controlled on action on screen.                                     

Biometric Scanner: To read physical identity ( finger print,eye ratina heartbeat).                              

QR code: Quick Response code or magnetic generated code.          

Super script, Sub script are text formatting types not font style.         

In Data base whole data is called skima

Structural quarry languages (SQL) related to Data base.               

In Relation Database Table is called relation, Row is called Tuple, Column is called Attributes. In Database column is called Fields.       

Hierarchy of Database; Bit,Bite,Character,field,record,file.        

What is Database: collection of files is called database. Example- MySQL,MS access,oracle,DB2,FoxPro.                   

What is record: collection of fields is called record.                               

Types of database: PC-work locally, Centralized- Oracle- (many to one), Distributable-Google (one to many).    

Types of key: key are two types- primary key and Foreign key. Primary key: Uniquely identify a table. foreign key: use to, link to table.  

Plotter is big size printer it mainly two type- Drum( width fixed) and Flat bed plotter( length and width both fixed). 

Projector: projector is a used for enlarge any image size.              

KiOSK: it is predefine screen to convey any massage in public place. 
Monitor: it is soft copy output devices also known as VDU(visual display unit), VDT(visual display terminal), VGA(Video graphic arry). First two used in monitor and last one used in camara.                    
Some important points of Monitor- Pixel: it is a small unit of image. Resolution: Total number of pixel in a area on a screen. watermark: To insert text behind the content on the page.                                       
MACROS: To record the word in the document.                              

Worksheet is also known as spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is a software tool let's one enter, calculate,  manipulate and analyse set of date. An active cell is called current cell. Worksheet is a grid of cell made up of rows and columns.    

Workbook: Multiple worksheets can be combined under a file known as workbook. Cell: cell is a basic unit of worksheet where data can be placed.                                                    
Number of types inserting data into cell- There are three types inserting data into cell:- By double clicking on cell, by using short key F2,By typing on formula bar.                            

Views in PowerPoint : 4 type of views in PowerPoint- Normal view, slide show view, slide shorter view, notes page view.                              
 The part of operating system which loads operating system to the memory is called Kernel.      

Disclaimer is a part of utility. Antivirus is the utility software.          

Utility Software: utility is the part of system software.                          

Debugging: A process to find out the error and resolve that is called Debugging.                                

Patching: A process to resolve the errors is called patching. 

Defragmentation: a process to free unused space is called defragmentation.

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