March 24, 2020

Online Fraud Jargons

Skimming: This process involves the use of portable devices, which skim the information from the magnetic stripe on your ATM or Credit card and are installed on card-reading machines.                                                
Pharming:- This involves guiding or routing you to a site that has been hijacked by scammers or to an identical destination for collecting critical information.               

Smashing: This is phishing on mobile phones and takes it name from SMS ( short message service).    

Cloning: The process involves using stolen credit card data to crate a fake one. The data is often encoded on the magnetic stripe of the card.                  

Phishing: This is again a method of identity theft via e-mail. These spam mails act as if from a genuine agency or bank and trick you into parting with personal information like account details or passwords.                             

SBI Card notices 'vishing' Fraud attempts, alerts customers in 2016 : Vishing: This is short for voice phishing and uses recorded messages in phones purported to be form a bank or other agencies to get you to part with account details or passwords.

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