March 02, 2020

ASP/PHP/AJAX/Joomla/planing of web applications

 Chapter (1) ASP (Active Server Pages):- Introduction to Active Server Pages. What languages can you use to program in Active Server Pages?  How to install Active Server Pages?-How to install IIS on Windows 2000,How to Install IIS on Windows XP Professional. Running an Active Server Pages Web Page. How do Active Server Pages work? Basic Syntax Rules in Active Server Pages. Active Server Pages syntax- Script Dependent-Using VisualBasicScript,Using JavaScript. Variables in Active Server Pages. Active Server Pages Procedures. Active server Forms. Active Server pages Object- Active Server Pages Response object, Active Server pages Request Object,Active Server Pages Application Object, Active Server Pages Session Object, Active Server Pages Server Object, Active Server Pages Error Object.                                                                                               Chapter (2) PHP (PHP Hypertext preprocessor):- Advantages Of Using PHP( Fast,Free,Easy to Use, Versatile, Secure, Customizable, Third Party Application Support. First PHP Script. PHP Variables. Naming Conventions for PHP Variables. Operators Used in PHP- Arithmetic Operators, Assignment Operators, Comparison Operators. PHP Conditional Statements- if..else Statement,Switch Statement. Loops Used in PHP- The While Loop,The do-while Loop,The for Loop,Break Statement, The Continue Statement. Functions. Classes and Objects. PHP Forms. GET and Post Operations. PHP Cookies. PHP with Database ( My Structural Quarry Languages).                                                                                                            Chapter (3) Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX):- Introduction to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. RIA(Rich Internet Application) Technology. AJAX is Based on open Standard. Technologies Used in AJAX. Example of AJAX. Difference Between AJAX and Conventional CGI Program. AJAX Browser Support. Steps of AJAX Operation. What is XML Http Request- XML Http Request Properties,XML Http Request Methods. AJAX and Database Operations. Client Side HTML file. Server Side PHP file. AJAX Security. Issues with AJAX.                                                             Chapter (4) Joomla:- Introduction to Joomla. Logging into Joomla. Article Manager- Overview, Creating a New Article in Joomla,Editing an Existing Article in Joomla, Hyperlinks in an Article,Uploading and Displaying Images in Joomla. Menu Manager in Joomla- Overview, Creating a Menu Item,Editing and Existing Menu Item. File Transfer Protocols (FTP) with FileZilla- Overview Using FileZilla to Transfer files,Note about File Paths.         Chapter (5) Planning of Web Application:- Technologies- Client Side Scripting or Coding,Server Side Scripting or Coding,Program Libraries. Web application Frameworks. Coding Guidelines, Web Application Lifecycle Model. Web Application Development Process. Web Application Testing. Building E-Commerce Sites. Steps Building an E-commerce Websites.

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