March 19, 2020


What is a SWIFT? 

SWIFT is a Cooperate Organization. 

Full Name of SWIFT is Society for the World Wide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.                    

Where it is Established- SWIFT is Established in Belgium ( Brussels).       

When It is Established- established in 1973.                                                     

Head Quarter of SWIFT is LA Hulpe (Belgium) near Brussels.                         

Who Design Head Quarter of SWIFT- Designed by Ricardo Bofill Taller DeArquitectura.                                       

Other Information about SWIFT:- SWIFT is dedicated to the promotion and development of standardized global interactively for financial transactions. SWIFT uses a standardized Proprietary communications platform to facilitate the transmission of information about financial transactions. This information, including payment instructions, is securely exchangeed between financial institutions. The society operates a messaging service for financial messages, such as letter of credit, payments and securities transactions between member banks worldwide. SWIFT neither holds funds nor manages client accounts. SWIFT does not facilitate funds transfer rather it sends payment orders.

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