March 02, 2020

Terminology used in MS Access

MS-Access Terminology: Fields:- A field contains a single piece of information such as name, city, street address or phone number.   

Records:- A record consists of one or more fields. A student record can have Roll No,Name, Address and City as its fields. 

Tables:- A table displays records in rows and columns, much like a spreadsheet. A table group related records, such as records of all students or records of all account holders.  

Forms:- A form displays all the fields of a single record onscreen, just like a paper form, so that you can add,edit, or view a single record at a time.  

Queries:- A query let's you retrieve certain information based on your criteria such as only retrieving roll numbers and names of students who scored more than 75 percentage marks in a certain examination.          
Reports:-A report arranges your data in a certain way, such as showing all the students who have scored more than 75 percentage marks in an exam.

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