April 01, 2020

Format of Balance sheet

            Format of Balance sheet Shown Here
Liabilities Assets
Net worth/Equity:Share capital/Partners capital/Paid up capital/Owners funds, Reserves (General Reserve, Capital Reserve, Revaluation Reserve and other Reserves) (These Funds are bought in by the promoters as their investment in business or generated by and retained in business) Fixed Assets: (Such as land and building, plant machinery etc),Original value, Less deprecation, Net value or book value or written down value (These are Purchase for long term use and are depreciated every year)
Long Term Liabilities: Term loan(Banks or institutions),Debentures/Bonds,Unsecured Loans,Fixed Deposits, other Long term Liabilities (only those Liabilities to be taken which are not due for payment within 12 months from date of the balance sheet) Non Current Assets: Investment of long term nature in shares, government securities, Old stocks or old/disputed book debts,Long term security deposits,Intangible Assets (patents,good wil,debt balance of preliminary or preoperative expensive)
Short Term Liabilities: Bank working capital limits such as cash credit, overdraft, bills,export credit,sundry/trade crediaters,short duration loans or deposits, Expenses payable, other current liabilities(only those liabilities to be taken which are due for payment within 12 months from date of balance sheet) Current Assets: Cash/bank balance including fixed deposits with banks, advance payment of taxes, pre-paid expenses,stock in process, bill receivables

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