May 28, 2020

5 Tips to Remember Vocabulary

Gaining mastery in a new language can seem like an impossible task, especially when that language is as complex as English! As experts say, many students preparing for competitive exams like Bank Po /Clerk, IELTS, GRE,  GMAT, CAT and other government exams have the following query: 
" After working doggedly to improve my English, I still find it difficult to memorize the large number of words that I come across. It feels like all my hard work comes to naught"
In our opinion, the approach taken by the students needs to be rectified, as merely memorizing a lot of words together will never work for you. You will end up forgetting most of them and fail to recognize when you need it the most. But fret not ( don't worry), for we have come up with short list of 5 tips that has been immensely beneficial for the students. Here are the tips you should follow:

(1) Tip one: Interest- Remembere that topics that interest you will be easier to learn. Therefore, carefully select words that you will find useful or interesting. Choose topics that relate to your life at the moment to make the words you learn more relevant. For Example, if you have a college seminar next week,learn some English vocabulary to use in seminar. Even if you don't use English in the actual seminar, connecting the words to real situation will help you remembere them.

(2) Tip two: Hear and Watch- First of all watch everything with subtitles, hear news in English, see news in English. If there is any particular word being used by a character that seems unfamiliar to you, note it down and also see the situation in which he is speaking the same. This will provide you context for that word (that means you know contextual meaning) and you will be able to use it in a similar situation in real life!

(3) Tip three: Limit them- Instead of mugging up 20-30 words at one go, restrict yourself to learning 5-10 words per week only. Use them in different conversation that you have with people. Learn their meanings and visualize what kind of conversations you could have with people in that week where these words could be used. Remembere, building a solid repository of words this way will take some time so prepare for your exams way before they are scheduled and most of all, don't become impatient. The results will show eventually.

(4) Tip Four: Connect- Its easier to memorize words based on common theme. Make your own connections between words and possibly organize them in a spider digram or on the same pages of your notebook.

(5) Tip five: Associate- Assign different colours to different words. This association will help you recall vocabulary later. To prevent the system from becoming confusing make sure you have a consistent theme. For Example, you could use different colours for verbs, nouns and adjectives. Applications to improve vocab please click here

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