July 24, 2020

Computer Fundamental

Computer:- It is an input device Which process the raw data into informations.

Computer Definition:- (1) Computer is an electronic device Which works according to the instruction which is given in it.
(2) Computer is an electronic device Which process the input and gives the desired output.

          Full form of the Computer-
C- Common
O- Operating
M- Machine
P- Particularly
U- Used in
T- Trade
E- Education and
R- Research

    Characteristics of Computer-
(i) Accuracy
(ii) Speed
(iii) Storage Capacity
(iv) Input output Capacity
(v) Deligience
(vi) Versatile
        The main parts of Computer-
(i) System Unit(two types- Desktop type and Tower type)
(ii) Monitor or Visual Display Unit or Cathode Ray Tube( two types- Monochromatic and Multi-colour monitor)
(iii) Keyboard ( two types- Standard and Enhanced) 
         Keys of keyboard-
Enter key, Text Editing key, Arrow key, Modifier key, Function key, Numeric key pad,Num lock key, Shift key,Caps lock key, Esc key, Return or Enter key, Scroll lock key, Back space key,  Cursor Control keys, Home key, End Key, Page up key, Page down key, Tab key, Ctrl and Alt key, Pause key, Print Screen key, Delete key, Main keys.
(iv) Hard Disk Drive
(v) Floppy Drive
( vi) Compact Disk Drive
(vii) Mouse
(Viii) Printer( four types- Dot Matrix Printer,Line Printer and Laser Printer) 
(ix) Modem
(x) Scanner ( it is input device, Types- it is four type- Handhold, Flatbed, 3-Dimentional and Film scanner)
(xi) Central Processing Unit( three parts- Memory, Arithmetic logic unit and Control unit

      Front side of Computer:- Reset button, safty lock,Floppy disk drive, Compact Disk read only memory drive,power switch, Turbo button,Lights.

    Back side of Computer:- Serial ports, Parallel ports,Fan housing, Universal serial bus port, Power in or out Socket, Video monitor port,Key board port, Expansion Slots.
           Inner side of Computer:- Micro processer or Central Processing Unit,Read only memory Chips,Central Processing Unit support chips, Power supply Unit, Output adapter Card, Hard Disk Drive, Compact Disk read only memory drive, Real time clock, Motherboard, Random access memory chips, Empty RAM chips slot,Maths co- processer,Disk Drive control key, Expansion Slots, speaker.

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